artist  ·  director  ·  animator

An animated online piece that shows the homogeneity of the webpage, a digital space. It challenges memory by tracing the movement of the mouseover and mouseleave.

Screenshot stills from the interactive webpage

Once the webpage loads, the illusion of a blank page invites users to navigate with the mouse. The content reveals itself as the user activates the autoplay videos once the user interacts with the screen. But once the mouse moves away from each video frame, it pauses. The mouse movement is tracked by the progression of each video. Since the entire screen is filled with a number of videos in a grid format, the possibilities of seeing and having the same web page is infinite.

One image plays as the rest are frozen, generating an intimate encounter with each frame that is difficult to visually capture within the moving image (24 frames per second). The piece triggers the dependency on the user’s decisions, their attention, how long they’ve been on the page, and if they refresh to restart the process again.
© All works Kelsey Boncato 2019 — Los Angeles