artist  ·  director  ·  animator

Concept sketches of FOREST (2019), an experimental-interactive visual music experience in virtual reality. 

“BRASS MAGIC – JOURNEY AROUND THE LAKE” (2018) an animated music video that plays with fluid choreography between the body, rhythmic sounds and dancing visuals through energetic colors, organic lines, and abstract forms.

IDESIA – AIN’T OVER” (2017) an experimental music video of consciousness through indigo hues; a young woman discovers strength in an internal world while daydreaming on a train.

Installation view at TANK 203.3040, visionxsound, in Neulengbach, Austria 2017.

“CJ TRILLO – POINTLESS” (2014) An animated music video that gestures the hip-hop artist's persona over a robust brew of Don Francisco coffee while chain smoking Camel Crush cigs.


An experimental animation of 100 cyanotype prints exposed with citrus, onion, salt, vinegar, baking soda, and toned in black tea.

Installation view of 100 frames/prints & video on a double-sided wall.

© All works Kelsey Boncato 2018 — Los Angeles